Caleffi a ISH 2023



We are ready to fully experience this edition of ISH 2023 in Frankfurt, finally getting back together again in person, from 13th to 17th March.

You will find us in Hall 9.1 stand A42 as per the relocation in 2019. 

And, like in 2019, we will once again be the protagonists of this hall devoted to HVAC and domestic comfort. 

We fully engage with the ISH motto “Solutions for a sustainable future: we have chosen to display our products in a Green (R)evolution context. There is no coercion here: these are already the tangible expression of the following concepts: energy transition, protection of water for domestic use and personal health, sustainable comfort, reduction of the impact of heating on the environment and the improved management of water in heating and cooling systems.

Five products out of all of them represent these, and two of them have also been rewarded with the Design Plus powered by ISH award. This competition rewards products that intelligently combine technology and design. A key role in the assessment was played by innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency.

And so we are proud to present the winners:

ISTOP® ® for energy transition. Our antifreeze valve is the ideal solution for protecting domestic heat pump systems, especially when there is no electricity. It has also been recommended by major heat pump manufacturers.

CALEFFI XF  for improved water management in heating and cooling systems. Our self-cleaning under-boiler magnetic filter is ideal for heat pumps: thorough system cleaning leads to maximum efficiency, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

And right after these are the other three:

539H SERIES because we supply solutions for the protection of water for domestic use and personal healthThis pressure control unit for domestic water systems combines three different devices in one: a ball valve, a pressure reducing valve with filter and a EA type check valve.

149 SERIES to reduce the impact of heating on the environment. Balancing contributes to the transition demanded by the European Union towards a green economy, guaranteeing excellent energy performance for both users and the environment.

SATK SERIES for sustainable comfort. With utility heat interface units, we manage heating and domestic hot water production with energy from renewable sources.

And in the now-consolidated presence of the miniature CUBOROSSO?

CUBOROSSO will be the technological container of the CALEFFI CLOUD project being launched.

The company’s vision of the future of systems is clear: in addition to conventional management comes connected management. Already for years it has been possible to manage appliances, alarm systems and doors and windows in the home remotely. From today, Caleffi is also promoting the remote management of hydraulic heating and domestic water systems.

And we have opened an area for data collection and processing called CALEFFI CLOUD, with access from the multi-user portal for monitoring and analysing consumption, improved domestic comfort programming and any modifications to the electronic systems in the home. For the user, the advantage lies in the optimisation of systems with a view to ensuring the best possible efficiency, to the benefit of both humans and the environment.

The next products to join the CALEFFI CLOUD circuit will be Legiomix, Caleffi CODE®, SATK, Conteca. The latter, for example, makes daily data available to the user, who therefore has a centralized system, becoming more aware of and responsible for their own consumption and thus encouraging virtuous behaviour.

If you can’t come to the trade fair, follow us on our social media channels facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram , and discover the journey through the stand and beyond, in the coming months. We will share our most contemporary values that will also be part of the new THE CALEFFI GREEN project, aiming to tell of our relationship with the Planet.