The CALEFFI Group is growing: a collective success


The Caleffi Group ends 2021 with a remarkable achievement: a €426 million consolidated revenue is a huge success. A collective success.

The company has grown by 34 % compared to 2020, marking a substantial growth not only in the Italian market but also in foreign markets.

Sales proportions are 63 % abroad and 37 % in Italy.  This demonstrates that our company is committed to internationalisation and that it also focuses on the domestic market.
Forty years have gone by since the first branch office was opened in Germany. Caleffi now has 10 branches, as well as 7 representative offices and agencies, serving more than 90 countries. The number of our employees is growing steadily and production is still based in Italy, in four strategic plants. 

In order to continue to grow solidly and evolve, we have decided to further invest in our foreign branches. 
As a result, the US branch now has twice as much office space and is considering increasing the size of its warehouse. The Portuguese branch has renovated its historic facility in Porto to increase its efficiency, while the Dutch, Turkish and UK branches have optimised their use of space and modernised their facilities.
We are also working on bigger projects, such as the ones in Germany and Poland: we will be opening two new offices in Frankfurt and Krakow, which should be completed by 2023.

We are also upgrading our production facilities in Italy: Caleffi 3, the Gattico-Veruno plant, is being expanded. It was a much-needed expansion for us as it will allow us to cope with increasing sales volumes and to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

These investments are aimed at improving our performance and gaining a competitive advantage that we can all enjoy in the medium to long term.
This is why we want to share this news with you, since we are proud of what our company has become.