December 22, 2016

Is there a way to manually release air in an automatic air vent?

Yes, there is a way, and we recommend against it!  Read on. All of the Caleffi 5020/5021 Series MINICAL, 5022/5023 Series VALCAL and 551 Series DISCALAIR automatic vents have a spring-closed air release valve under the air vent cap. Most of our air separators and air/dirt separators, such as the 551 Series DISCAL and 546 Series DISCALDIRT have the same mechanism.

BEFORE YOU TRY WHAT IS DESCRIBED BELOW, KNOW THIS: We do not recommend manually letting all the air out of a vent; maintaining the air pocket under the vent cap is important. If the air pocket is eliminated, water and any debris that is floating on top of the water will get into the small vent valve/opening and could cause malfunction (sticking open or closed) and then you'll have to disassemble and clean the vent.

When you unscrew the air vent cap you will see inside a small, white plastic stem holder. The mechanism works like the air valve on a bicycle tire. Using a pen or small screwdriver, if you push down on the stem holder to un-seat the spring-closed valve, you'll vent the air pocket. Again, see above!

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