Who you gonna call?
July 27, 2022

Who you gonna call?

Our Ask Caleffi team encourages you to think outside of the box on that next service call.  They share tips that work at getting YOU to the root of a service problem without wasting time and money.  They share their favorite technique:  "Phone a Friend" and why it's so important.  You'd be surprised at how much WE learn from YOU while walking through a service concern.   

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David Sowar
October 13, 2022

My Caleffi pressure regulator is set to 15 psi. When the boiler is hot the pressure exceeds 30 psi causing water release. What can I do?


In reply to by David Sowar

October 14, 2022

Hello David, I would check on the expansion tank. Double check that it also pressurized to 15 psi, when not in-line, and make sure it isn't waterlogged. Give us a call, if you want help walking through the steps. 414-238-2360