What's wrong with my actuator?
November 10, 2021

What's wrong with my actuator?

It seems that hydronic zone valves have been around forever. They are pretty bulletproof!  But do you hear about end switches failing?  What's going on?  AND... what do I need to know before wiring a zone valve?

In this Episode, Greg and Dan discuss this common question from our Technical Support line:  What's wrong with my actuator?  Our Tech Support Gurus find that the culprit is typically a misapplication of the "end switch", a.k.a. the micro-switch.  They explain the role of an actuator that contains a micro-switch and what kind of inrush thresholds are required to operate them successfully.  They also talk about optimal installations including utilizing actuators with a ZVR relay control board that provides your customer with a top-notch product AND a top-notch warranty.

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