What does your Mom and a hydronic system have in common?
April 28, 2021

What does your Mom and a hydronic system have in common?

Episode 4 focuses on the importance of having magnetic technology built into dirt separators. Highly efficient "dirt" removal, including both non-ferrous and ferrous (magnetic), is critical to protect today's high-efficiency heat exchangers and circulators.  Greg and Dan dive into keeping your hydronic system CLEAN during this episode of the Podcast.

See how Hurst Mechanical is keeping boilers clean in Belmont, Michigan in this case study.


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Mack Shwert
July 03, 2021

If you have a Cast Iron boiler with ECM Circ and Zone valves, would you install the Magnetic Dirt Seporator on the supply after the boiler and before the ECM circ to protect them? and before or after the air elmination and expansion tank? Thank you. The zones of heat are all copper and copper fin baseboard.


In reply to by Mack Shwert

July 06, 2021

Mack, We would recommend the Magnetic Dirt separator be installed on the return side before the boiler.  This location will provide protection for the boiler, ECM pumps and all the components in the system.  Regular maintenance is required.  For more information you can reference Idronics Issue 15.