November 12, 2019

What is the battery used for in the electronic mixing valve control?

When installing the 6000 Series LEGIOMIX®  Electronic Mixing Valve, remember to turn the battery switch to the ON position in the control.  This will activate charging the small 3.6V, 3-Cell rechargeable battery, it will take 72 hours after installation to reach its full charge.  Once it reaches full charge, this will provide battery backup to maintain Time, Date, Region and any customized setup parameters in the event of a power outage.  The battery will backup the setup parameters for up to 15 days of lost power.  Although the battery will backup parameter settings, it does not have the capability to operate the control; it's for memory backup only.

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Tim Grillo
February 05, 2020

Need replacement battery's for your Caleffi mixing valve 3 6volt battery , can I get them from you ? would need around 10 battery's
Thank you Tim Grillo {MG Energy}


In reply to by Tim Grillo

April 21, 2020

The batteries are rechargeable and should have a 3 year life. Please contact tech support for replacement options 414-238-2460.

Tom Hemry
April 08, 2020

Our Legiomix Na-6000 series unit arrived without the back-up battery, 3.6v 3-cell 140mAh battery. Can I get one of those sent to me please?

Dean Hodge
July 28, 2020

Not sure what our guys have done with the backup battery but am I able to purchase one here in town from a battery shop or is it something special that needs to come right from you guys . We need something asap we are in storm season and have already had the system go down and not restart please let me know asap please



In reply to by Dean Hodge

July 28, 2020

Hello Dean, The battery is a three cell, 3.6v rechargeable that may not be available locally. The Caleffi part number for a replacement battery is F69888. The battery should hold the memory for 15 days of lost power and have a 2 year life expectancy. If the battey is not backing the conrol up you should get a "battery alarm" or have the red light lit up next to the battery picture on the front of the control indicating a battery failure. If the there is no battery alarm or failure indicator and the battery is not holding the memory you should confirm the battery installation orientation. The + side of the battery should be installed facing the bottom the the control or the battery switch.

Dan Firkus Caleffi technical support