What are the top 5 hydronic expansion tank questions? (with Cody Mack)
July 27, 2022

What are the top 5 hydronic expansion tank questions? (with Cody Mack)

An expansion tank is a very simple hydronic system component, yet it can cause complex troubleshooting woes.  Improper charge expectations, waterlogging and sizing can all play a role.  How can you determine if the expansion tank is the culprit for nuisance relief valve discharges? 

In this episode, Cody Mack tells you how to whisper to an expansion tank in this service-focused conversation between three former field techs.  Should you trust a factory precharge?  How do you avoid "bear-hugging" an expansion tank to relieve an over-pressurization?  The guys cover the ways to put your best foot forward with a new expansion tank, relating to proper acceptance volumes and when multiple non-ASME vessels may be an option.  They also point out a few tips and tricks they have picked up to determine if the existing expansion tank needs some help.  Caleffi components like air separators and steady boiler fill valves are part of the equation, too.  

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