September 04, 2014

Tech Tip: Manifold Wrench

Our TwistFlow™ Manifold sets itself apart from our competitors with its compact and efficient design. One obstacle that comes with that compact design is tightening those connections!  Let Hot Rod show you how simple it is to tighten connections on this compact manifold in this week's Tech Tip.

The part number for the manifold wrench is 387100.

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Mark Olson
September 05, 2014

Here is someone using that same manifold wrench 8 years ago.
1) Does any blog follower know who's hand that is? (hint: I'm pretty sure he is registered blog follower). Hint: initials DS

I remember him being very careful to ensure no moisture dripped into the actuators. We have hermetically sealed actuators for that now.

Kevin Freidt
September 08, 2014

Nice inverted manifold picture! It shows how the flow meters can still work upside down.