October 30, 2014

Servicing The Z-one™ Valve Body

One of the best features of Caleffi's Z-one™ valves is complete serviceability through the bottom port of the valve body. You can even service a 2-way valve without removing it from the piping. Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr shows you how easy and quick it is to clean and/or replace the internal plug/stem assembly to make your Z-one valve as good as new.

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May 25, 2021

I have a 3 way 1" z3 zone control valve. The rubber seal on the paddle has disintegrated. I believe I can replace the paddle and hence the seal, how and where can I get one. I live in Ottawa Canada.


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May 25, 2021

Brian, You can replace the entire 3-way body or replace just the stem and paddle. The replacement stem and paddle part number is F69294. You will need to find a plumbing or heating wholesaler in your area or contact Equipco in Ontario who is the Caleffi rep for your area to find a Caleffi stocking wholesaler.

Mike D
November 06, 2021

I have 3 Z151000 actuators on my boiler system. They replaced Erie actuators that were leaking. Now I have water hammer when they close. Is there a way to make them close slower? Or maybe another solution? It is worse when more than one is open and one closes. Thanks


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November 08, 2021

Mike,  To change from the Erie actuators to our brand you would have had to change the body of the valve too.   The bodies are directional.  They need to be installed in the with flow in the direction from A to B on the valve.   When they are installed in an incorrect flow direction they will work as far as controlling the zone oporation but when they close they are closing wiht the flow not against it.  This allows the flow path to slam the valve closed and causes hammering.   I would recommend confriming the valve body installation in relation to the direction of flow.  You can call into tech support anytime to discuss 414-238-2360.