December 27, 2019

How does the actuator wire into the controller?

After you select a mounting location for your controller and install the actuator onto the body of the mixing valve, you will route the wire from the actuator back into the control module.   You will find a black, brown, green, red and white wire for your actuator.  Inside the control you will find a number of wring terminals and they are all numbered.   Follow the wiring instructions below or in the installation manual.

Black wire to terminal 15 to close the valve
Blue wire to terminal 14 to provide a common wire on the valve
Brown wire to terminal 13 to open the valve
Green, red and white wires are not used.

You will also find a label on the cable of the actuator that will explain the wire color and location.  Also, there is a 1A fuse installed it the controller to protect the actuator.

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