August 13, 2014

How do I commission and configure my iSolar™ controller?

One of the more frequent calls that we receive here in Milwaukee is customers asking for assistance with configuring and commissioning iSolar™ controllers. Setting them up may seem overwhelming at first, but after you’ve scrolled through the menu for a few minutes and learn how to make changes, you get the hang of it. We made a few videos that answer most of the common questions that come in, so take a look!


What are the mounting options for the iSolar™ control?

How do I do the initial commissioning of the iSolar™ control?

Basic Solar System, Delta T control (Arrangement #1)

Basic Solar System, Delta T control with thermostat control for backup heating (Arrangement #3)

Basic Solar System, Delta T control with valve logic for heat diversion/dumping (Arrangement #5)

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Georgina Frith
April 27, 2017

Help do we reset the controller on the isolar control...we need to change the arrangement to arrangement 10 on the isolar plus
Many thanks

Cody Mack
September 12, 2017


Thanks for your comment and I apologize for the late reply!

The iSolar Plus must be turned on and from there you repeatedly press the plus key until the screen reads "time". From there you press and hold the plus key until the screen changes to "Arr". These are the adjustment channels (settings) and you should be very careful while in this mode because you can cause a lot of problems with a small change. The first adjustment channel "Arr" is what you'll need to change to 10. To do this, you'll press the set button and use the plus or minus key to change it to 10. Next you'll press the set key and it will be saved. After you're done making changes you can just leave the control alone for a bit of time and it will automatically revert back to the display channels with all of your system temps.

Please call if you have any further questions!

Best Regards,
Cody Mack
Applications Engineer

Richard Riley
April 19, 2018

I have an iSolar BX and it is working well with one exception. I cannot get the Heat dump function (OHDP) to function. I am using arrangement #6. I realize that it is blocked against OCCO and OSYC but both are off. There is also a note that it is blocked against CEM by 20 degrees which I don't understand. Can you help?

Jeb McCandless
March 27, 2020

We have an older solar hot water system with no one in the area available for help. We have a Caleffi iSolar2 controller on a Superstor Ultra (SSU-80) tank. I need to reset all of the parameters on the iSolar2 controller. How can I get a manual? Is there someone at Caleffi who can walk me through this? Is there anyone in the Salt Lake City area who can help me with this?