How do I choose the "RIGHT" mixing valve for my POD app?
April 07, 2022

How do I choose the "RIGHT" mixing valve for my POD app?

Your customer's domestic water system is not delivering heat correctly.  What do you do?  You listen into this episode of the Ask Caleffi podcast! 

Greg and Dan discuss ASSE 1017 Point-of-Distribution valves (not to be confused with ASSE1070!) and how to size them.  They stress the importance of understanding a thermostatic mixing valve's minimum and maximum flow rate thresholds when combined with pressure drop.  Greg and Dan explain what types of products will compliment existing systems that do not have recirculation loops such as a "high/low" valve assembly or an electronic mixing valve.  Their goal is to help you determine how to apply the proper valve for the circumstance at hand.

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