May 12, 2020

How are the relays in the LegioMix control used?

There are four relays in the 6000 LegioMix control panel that can be used to perform certain functions.  The control does not have the ability to send voltage out they will only act as normally open dry contacts that close durnig differnt stages of the conrol opporation. 

Relay 1(R1) remains open during the normal "adjustment" mode but will close during a "disinfection", "flushing" or "thermal shock" modes.  This is commonly used to turn a building recirculation pump on.

Relay 2(R2) will remain open in the "adjustment","disinfection" or "flushing" modes.  This relay will close in the "thermal shock" mode.  This relay is used as a generic alarm relay to alert for a sensor or battery fault, a control black out or clock failure.

Relay 3(R3) will remain open in the "adjustment" or "flushing" modes but will close during the "disinfection" of "thermal shock" modes.  This relay is used to control a secondary thermostat or aquastat to elevate the source water temperature duing thermal disinfection or shock modes.  It will open to allow the primary aquastat to return the source water temp to its normal adjusment mode temperatures.

Relay 4(R4) is open during the *adjustment", "disinfection" or "shock" mode but closes during the "flush" mode.  This would be used to oporate flushing or dump valves to after a disinfection or shock mode to drop system temperatuere back to a nomral adjustment temperature.  

Relay wiring diagrams and oporation is easily found on page 16 of the installation instructions.

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