December 15, 2015

Does Caleffi have zone valves that are compatible with domestic hot water?

Yes, we do! Domestic hot water is sometimes used for heating applications; for example, the heat emitter in a fan coil, in addition to providing hot water for typical showers, etc.  This is called an open system:   the water originates as potable water from the local water utility or well and eventually ends up in a drain.  Domestic hot water contains a lot of air/oxygen and it can contain a lot of minerals which can be tough on components.


Caleffi has models of the Z-one zone valves in 2-way straight and 3-way diverting flow patterns in ½” and ¾” sizes that are made with durable low lead brass bodies which will stand up to challenging domestic hot water applications. Check them out in Section 4 of our List Price Catalog (look for the LF indicator).

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