DISCALAIR high discharge, high performance automatic air vent
November 05, 2014

DISCALAIR® - Caleffi's "Top shelf" Automatic Air Vent

Caleffi's 551004A DISCALAIR® is a high discharge, high performance, automatic air vent. Our best automatic vent, it has a unique and rugged pin-guided float for reliability in not-so-perfect vertical installations. The DISCALAIR is 100% serviceable; the internal float/vent assembly (code number F39807) can be replaced if it should ever become damaged. Vent cap choices offer flexibility. Our hygroscopic (seals when wet) cap (code number R59681), or an anti-suction cap (5621000) can replace the standard cap. High venting capacity of 1.8 SCFM at 20 PSI and 3 SCFM at 50 PSI, with 1/2" FNPT connection make the DISCALAIR just right for medium-to-large installations. Also, the DISCALAIR is perfect for use with Caleffi ThermoCon™ storage tanks. Try one on your next hydronic project; you'll love it!

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Mark Olson
November 07, 2014

Yes, I agree... probably our best air vent. In fact, the air vent mechanism is identical to the one in our DISCAL Air Separators. We're approaching a half million of those installed in North America. Designers really like that pinned float!

Here is a great geothermal job with Discalair used on the Caleffi buffer tank. Nice!