DHW recirculation, in a perfect world?
July 27, 2022

DHW recirculation, in a perfect world?

There are a lot of boxes to check to install and maintain an ideal DHW system.  Don't worry!  The guys can walk you through it.  How do you verify a DHW system has been balanced properly?  Which circulators pair best with thermal balancing valves?  How do you find out if you are meeting your minimum flow rate for a point of distribution mixing valve?

In this Episode, Greg breaks down the components needed to operate the perfect DHW system.  Pipe size, recirculation pumps, balancing valves, point of use and point of distribution mixing valves all play a role.  Dan will tell you where to find the proper piping diagram for various systems.  Dual tank, parallel mixing valve installs, the guys have seen it all.  They also share stories, straight from the phone lines, where they had to put on their detective hats to help figure out how to modernize a 70-year-old system and also work through a tricky dual-temperature recirculation piping project.   

Thanks for tuning in!

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