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February 13, 2015

Caleffi 626 Series Paddle Flow Switch

The Caleffi 626600A paddle flow switch is a durable, high quality water flow switch for pipe sizes from 1 to 8 inches. The heavy-duty line-voltage rated contacts can start equipment when flow is present (using the normally open contact) or lock out equipment when flow is present (using the normally closed contact). Trim the stainless steel paddle to length and mount the 626600A in a 1 inch female NPT connection. The IP54 (NEMA type 5) rated housing offers protection from damp and dusty environments and a handy 1/2 inch female NPT threaded conduit connection makes installation quick and professional.

Be sure to check the minimum (for example: 5.7 GPM in a 1 inch pipe) and maximum flow ratings - shown in the Technical Brochure - to make sure it's the right switch for your application. Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr explains more in the video below.

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December 04, 2019


December 04, 2019

John, In Australia i would recommend contacting All Valve Industries. Below is a link to thier site. They are the Caleffi rep in Australia and although I don't know if they stock that item, they would be your best resource.


August 05, 2021

I'm doing root cause on your flow switch Caleffi Model 626600A. When the flow switch was removed from the 3 in Chilled Water line, the vanes were bent. What is the max gpm or velocity that will cause damaged to the vanes?


In reply to by DONALD L HEWLETT

August 09, 2021

Donald,  The Caleffi 636600A will work in piping up to 8".   Your 3" pipe installation is shown up to 208 GPM at a 1 PSID.  Please refer to the hydraulic characteristics chart in the Technical Brochure.   Also it is important to have the unit installed in a cast TEE to make sure the paddle has full travel from open to close.  That is shown in the technical brochure as well. 

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