NA10204 Vent Cap Adapter
January 08, 2015

Automatic Air Vent Cap Adapter Fitting

Sometimes the simple, inexpensive accessories can make a big difference. That's true for the Caleffi NA10204 vent cap adapter. The NA10204 fits all Caleffi 5020/5021 Series MINICAL®, 5022/5023 Series, 551 Series DISCAL® and DISCALAIR® and 546 Series DISCALDIRT® products. For automatic air vents that are mounted in areas where an occasional "spit" discharge from the vent cap could cause localized water damage, this adapter fitting makes it easy to hook up a discharge tube so you can direct the water to a drain or somewhere that isn't sensitive to a little water.

Check out Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr's short video!

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