EPISODE 1:  Do all good things start in a garage?
March 16, 2021

Ask Caleffi Podcast: EPISODE 1

Dedicated in our commitment to providing Excellence in Education, Caleffi North America is pleased to introduce the Ask Caleffi podcast series.  The podcast is now available and features our technical support wizards, Greg Tubbs and Dan Firkus.  They will discuss tricky heating and plumbing problems they are tasked with solving and share insights from the field to help contractors discover the best way to work through tough jobs.  Count on this dynamic duo to keep the series fun as they mingle in their own entertaining and relatable stories.  

Greg, a family man and outdoor enthusiast, provides on-the-spot solutions for the field on a daily basis as part of Caleffi's technical support team.   Combined with his 17 years' of HVAC service and installer experience, he is ready, willing and eager to share secrets for success to minimize the field frustration factor. 

A hiker and nature-lover, Dan is an application engineer at Caleffi and is responsible for supporting and answering technical calls, e-mails and social media inquiries.  Our audience will appreciate Dan’s extensive 29-year background in the trades combined with his product and application knowledge.  

Ever wondered if all good things start in a garage?  Then listen into Episode 1!

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