Air.  Who wants to vent?  (Ask Caleffi Podcast EPISODE 2)
March 30, 2021

Air. Who wants to vent?

Air.  It is not a friend to hydronic systems.  Listen in and learn about what an vent is, and what is it not.  Why are they important in hydronic systems?  Are they different from air separators?  Where are the vents installed in your system?  Caleffi's wide variety of air vent product families are introduced and their unique features and benefits are covered during Episode 2.

Want to dig deeper?  Check out Episode 3!

Ask Caleffi Podcast Episode 2

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Dave Morrow
April 05, 2021

Are any of the air and dirt separators appropriate for use with potable water - specifically hot water?


In reply to by Dave Morrow

April 13, 2021

Dave, We do not offer dirt or air separators for plumbing or potable water applications. Our separators are multi-pass devices that are not low lead. The only option for air removal in a domestic application would be our NA5026 Plumbvent air vent.  This product is low lead and rated for use in domestic potable water applications.

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