Mercure Sa Pa Hotel Vietnam Caleffi

Mercure Sa Pa Hotel and Resort, Vietnam

Sport and Hospitality


Situated in a prime location close to the center of Sa Pa town, with a total area of 47.45 hectares, of which 254.503 m2 of forest and surrounded by a part of 661 protective forests, Mercure Sa Pa Resort & Spa is a world-class, connected, modern and eco-friendly resort paradise. It is located in the mountain about 320 km from Hanoi, the highest peak of which “The Fansipan” reaches a height of 3,140 m. Mercure Sa Pa, is part of Sa Pa Jade Hill development, located 2 km outside Sa Pa town. The resort offers rooms, villas and bungalows. Other facilities include restaurant, bar, fitness, spa and swimming-pool.

DESIGN COMPANY: Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Construction JSC (VDCC)


LOCATION: Sa Pa (Vietnam)


In this luxury hotel, regulation of the chilled water and management of the whole heating/cooling system is entrusted to Caleffi 145 and 146 Series PICVs. This choice was made at the design stage in order to maximize comfort levels and energy savings. The operation of each individual unit can be modulated by the BMS in order to achieve the maximum efficiency possible. The presence of deaerators-dirt separators ensures the best water quality possible and allows the control valves, generators, FCU/AHU and pumps to operate free of air and impurities, thereby ensuring the best operating conditions possible.The pressure independent control valve (PICV) is a device composed of an automatic flow rate regulator and a control valve with actuator. The device is installed in HVAC systems and can adjust flow rate to keep it constant despite changing differential pressure conditions in the circuit in which it is installed, ensuring accuracy, comfort and energy savings. Deaerators-dirt separators are used to continuously eliminate the air and dirt contained in the hydraulic circuits of cooling systems. Circulating fully deaerated and clean water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from any noise, corrosion or mechanical damage, ensuring maximum efficiency.