Caleffi in Bangkok

Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel, Thailand

Housing Estate and Commercial Buildings


Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts has become a leading player in the luxury resort and spa market in Asia. The Banyan Tree Bangkok is located on South Sathon Road in the Sathon/Silom area, at the heart of business and embassy areas. The 5-star hotel offers Bangkok’s largest luxurious accommodation, with 7 restaurants that can offer world-class dining experiences, meeting and event spaces, and an award-winning spa.



Comfort and safety of the hotel plumbing system is ensured by installation of Caleffi 535 Series Pressure Reducing Valves. The compensated seat of Caleffi pressure reducing valves ensures precise and constant regulation despite system pressure fluctuations. At the same time, regulation of the domestic water temperature and protection of the end users is entrusted to 5213 Series Thermostatic mixing valves. This choice has been taken with the aim of maximizing the comfort of all the guests while ensuring their safety. In some domestic hot water distribution systems, it is necessary to take great care to ensure that hot water cannot scald the more vulnerable individuals. We are referring to hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, schools, etc. This range of thermostatic mixing valves has been specifically designed for user outlets and installation at the point of use in this kind of application.Pressure reducing valves are devices for plumbing systems. When installed on domestic water systems, such devices reduce and stabilise the pressure of the water entering from the main network. This inlet pressure, in general, is too high and variable. The goal of pressure reducing valves is to ensure stability and the safety of end users. Thermostatic mixing valves ensure high thermal performance. They are able to control the temperature of the mixed water supplied to the user accurately in the event of variations in the inlet supply pressure or temperature, or in the flow rate. They also feature a special anti-scald function which immediately shuts off the hot water flow in the event of cold water supply failure at the inlet.