Caleffi and the Axis Towers in Tbilisi, Georgia

Axis Towers, Georgia

Housing Estate and Commercial Buildings
Heat Metering


The Axis Towers are two twin towers in the Vake district, symbol of the more modern Tbilisi. Of imposing size, the Stone Tower and the Glass Tower, are similar and different in color and coating material, and develop towards each other creating the optical illusion of a rotation. They are the first structure in the world in which two towers rotate on their own axis (each plane of 2 degrees) creating a spiral, resting on the same foundations.

They were conceived as a multi-functional space, as a "city in the city" combining living spaces, hotels, offices and all kinds of recreational activities. They are a prestigious project and symbol of Georgian success.

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The Axis Towers house 200 apartments with centralized production of heating and cooling services.

Caleffi has provided a complete solution adapted to the needs of the construction site, combining SATK15 series HIUs with PLURIMOD® CLIMA modules. This solution integrates, in a single product, the management of hot and cold circuits, as well as the instantaneous production of sanitary water at user level, simplifying the problem of accounting and hydraulic balancing, of considerable importance in buildings of this size.