Here the DISCALSLIM® installation procedure

Identify the system delivery pipe and choose the section where you want to install the DISCALSLIM®

The ¾” or 1” connections allow the DISCALSLIM® to come in direct contact with the pipe; alternatively, you can use the kit for 18 or 22 mm copper pipe

The connection system with nut makes for a quick and easy installation

A wrench is included in the kit for tightening the connections to the body of the DISCALSLIM®

You can use the cut pipe to connect to the boiler​​​​​​​

The mobile nut unions make the installation far easier​​​​​​​

The connections have O-rings to ensure a tight connection to theDISCALSLIM® 

Once you have installed theDISCALSLIM®, reconnect the pipe to the boile​​​​​​​r

Take care not to overtighten and strip the threads​​​​​​​

DISCALSLIM® has an adjustable mounting, so that it can be installed on both vertical and horizontal pipes​​​​​​​

The float mechanism which opens the vent ducts is mounted on the cap, so that removing the latter gives access to the deaeration chamber for maintenance​​​​​​​.


Download the Instruction Sheet