Gamification is a modern, on-trend way to describe something that has always worked and is now used in the world of business too: using games to convey knowledge and information. To sum up, it helps users learn through games. That's why Caleffi decided to base its smartphone and tablet applications on a game. Is there anything more... EXPERIENCE than that??

C+ GAME is based on the classical mechanics of a videogame to enable users to discover all the benefits and functions of Caleffi products.

Each level of the game highlights the problems typically found with these types of system. You have to solve the problems by putting Caleffi components in their correct position inside interactive diagrams. So when you play, you can learn about the correct use of the components and test their efficiency.

The game has two levels:

  • heating: at this game level you will be presented with the diagram of a conventional, mixed-type heating system, i.e. with radiators and underfloor panels. Your task is to achieve correct operation of the system by effectively dealing with problems such as the build-up of impurities and air in the piping. The safety devices will help you to control any overpressure and excessively high temperatures in the circuit. You will use components for hydraulic separation and distribution to ensure efficient circulation of hot water in the circuits and to achieve thermal comfort.
  • domestic water/sanitary system incorporating solar power:  at this game level you will be presented with the layout of a typical water/sanitary system supplied from mixed sources. Here energy saving and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to Caleffi components designed specifically for the safety and deaerating of solar systems. Safety valves and expansion vessels ensure that operating parameters remain within limits. Mixer valves and pressure reducing valves ensure that domestic water is supplied at the correct temperature and pressure.

C+ GAME is ideal as a training tool for technical and specialist colleges. Try it out! The game is available from the App Store and on Google Play.

If you are at school or university, write to adv@caleffi.com for further information.