Soluzioni Caleffi - tanti schemi idrosanitari a disposizione

Caleffi Solutions


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The main innovation is the “Caleffi Solutions” application.

The dear old Hydraulic No. 25 from back in 2003 has for years been one of the most downloaded files from our website, tangible proof of the value of our plant design diagrams to our users.



This is why we wanted to update the Caleffi Solutions. The diagrams are now rather out of date, as they referred to old central heating systems, did not allow for the addition of alternative energies and did not make any reference to variable flow rate systems or to heat metering (very few satellites and all constant flow systems).

The old diagrams were available only in hard copy format or as static downloadable pdf. Admittedly, they offered suggestions to designers, but the new Solutions go one step further:

  • They are dynamic
  • The materials and the specific measurements of the components can be chosen within the diagram being made
  • The information on the suggested products is always up to date because they are integrated with the website’s central database
  • The specification summary can be printed along with the choice of products in the drawing, including the quantity of individual products (a function that might seem obvious but can actually be a real help to designers as in the calculation stage some valves often get missed out...)
  • It is possible to switch directly from the graphic design view to the CAD file, which is updated at the same time as the graphic diagram is amended
  • The pdf and the corresponding CAD file can be downloaded and are supplied with legend giving the product name and corresponding code, including the full detailed code if you choose a specific measurement
  • The diagrams include solutions for the use of alternative energies, remote heating, 3-pipe and variable flow rate distribution.


The new generation of diagrams will enable Caleffi to update them much more often and, over time, to provide new solutions suggested by the market itself much more quickly and with accurate product information, thanks to the integration with the central product database.

The application cannot be downloaded; it can only be used online (so an internet connection is required) and has been optimised for the most commonly used browsers provided that they have been updated to the latest version (as of today).

Browsing using tablets is also easy and user-friendly.