Balancing of hydronic circuits


Modern conditioning units have to meet some fundamental criteria, namely ensuring a high thermal comfort and managing energy use. Choosing a heating system is becoming increasingly important. There are obviously economic reasons but also ecological reasons. The increasingly important EPB standard also plays an essential role. The influence and selection of a heating system and the right balance of an installation has a major impact on comfort and efficiency.



A properly balanced system is a system that provides the correct flow and power in all circumstances and areas. 

The hydraulic imbalance causes non-uniform temperature zones between the various heat exchangers. This results in a reduced thermal comfort and increased energy consumption.

1. Energy loss through greater heat loss than were calculated.
2. Excessive water velocities in the pipes causing noise and possibly erosion.
3. Too high energy consumption and too low yields from the pumps because they are having to process too large a flow.
4. Too low a flow rate leads to the heating system producing too little capacity.
5. Heating of areas that should not be heated.



On our YouTube Channel  several videos on balancing. Here we suggest the one on Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)