April 23, 2015

How to install temperature gauges into a distribution manifold?

668S1 Series TwistFlow Distribution Manifold

Caleffi's 668S1 Series TwistFlow™ manifold has a ton of great features.  As of this year they include supply and return temperature gauges as standard!  The wells and gauges quickly install right into the ball valve bodies to indicate supply and return temperatures at a glance.  Cody Mack shows how it's done in the video below.

Besides convenience, an added benefit (if the flow rate of the pump known) is an easy estimation of BTU/hour heat transfer to the manifold distribution system.  Simply multiply the pump GPM by 500, then by the temperature difference between supply and return.  For example, 4 GPM * 500 * 20 = 40,000 BTU/hour. This is great information that proves the system is working as expected!

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April 24, 2015
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