April 28, 2015

How to clean a balancing valve?

The Caleffi 132 Series QuickSetter™ and 132 Series QuickSetter+™ (low-lead for plumbing applications) balancing valves have become very popular, and for good reason; they are incredibly simple to use and save big money in labor costs. You don't have to be a balancing contractor to balance a hydronic circuit or plumbing recirculation line because the built-in flow meter shows direct readout in GPM.

The flow meter works by bypassing a portion of the main flow through a small channel adjacent to the flow meter scale. In systems that are circulating "dirty" water, this small bypass channel can become affected by chunks of debris and/or products of corrosion/scaling. If this happens, the flow indicator ball can appear to be stuck, or not operating smoothly when the flow pin is pulled. The bypass channel can be easily cleaned by following this simple procedure:

1) Drain the system or isolate the 132; it needs to be opened up. Remember, the flow adjustment mechanism at the outlet is a ball valve and will isolate the outlet side.

2) Unscrew and remove the bypass stem (near the pull ring).

3) Back out (but don't completely remove) the two small set screws on the bypass housing.

4) Pull out the bypass assembly.

5) Inspect, clean and flush out the bypass (and body) with water or low pressure air to remove any debris.

6) Reassemble in the reverse order and the 132 should be good as new!

7) Purchase and install a Caleffi DIRTCAL, DIRTMAG, DISCALDIRT or DISCALDIRTMAG to clean up that system!

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April 30, 2015
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