May 14, 2020

Can the 5212 Series SinkMixer™ be used with a sensor faucet?

You will find that a sensor faucet is a touchless faucet that does not give you the option to control the outlet temperature of the water at the fixture. The outlet temperature is preset using an ASSE1070, tamper proof, point of use mixing valve typically installed at the fixture or bank of fixtures.  The fixture will only allow for one water line connection from the mixed outlet of a mixing valve to the faucet to deliver that preset water temperature.  

The SinkMixer™ is a compact 4-port valve that will provide from 0.35gpm to 2.3gpm capacity and is designed as a cost effective, easy to install point of use valve that does not require extra Tee's or fittings to install on standard facuets.   This is still a great option for sensor faucets and you can order this option under part 521201AP and you will recieve a plug to close the cold outlet side of the mixing valve.

For larger flow applications or a bank of faucets that have a flow requirement above the 2.3gpm we offer a great solution with our 5213 series, three port mixing valve that will provide up to 9gpm.   This option is also tamper proof and meets the ASSE 1070 requirements.


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May 15, 2020
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