East/West Roof – Crawford Family Solar Hot Water


Project (Summer 2010):  Residential Solar Hot Water on East/West Roof Orientation

Place:  Springfield, Miss.

Design:  Caleffi Solar Package and Optional Pump Station with Fitting Kit

Purchaser:  (Contractor) Show Me Solar - Rogersville, Miss.


Looking for an opportunity to implement renewable energy, the Crawford family decided to install a solar thermal system on their home.  With two teenage kids and aware of the large quantities of water they consumed, the Crawford’s had good reason to consider a solar thermal system.  Dave, a CPA by trade was keyed into the cost associated with providing hot water for his family. It showed up in heavy cycling of their well pump as well as the high costs of liquid propane they consumed.
The decision was made to install a Caleffi Solar thermal package system.  The Caleffi package is unique in the industry.  It is possibly the only pre-engineered package to include all the parts and pieces needed to install a top quality, long lasting solar hot water system.  A two collector, 80 gallon model was an ideal fit for the family of four.
One condition encountered was the major portion of the home’s roof faced east and west. Though this would have posed an obstacle with previous product technology,  the problem was easily solved through the implementation of the Caleffi iSolar™controller East/West function. With the panels mounted near the ridge line of the roof, one facing to the east and the second faced west, the iSolar™ controller monitors both panels and selects one or both to run during the course of the day. This reduces the heat output by only a few percentage points compared to having an ideal southern roof orientation. 
With a clear path from the roof top to the basement, the installation was completed in one eight hour day.  Thanks to the package approach the system arrived with all the required components, and the installers were able to complete the installation without leaving the site.
The Crawford’s are smiling all the way through their showers knowing the sun is providing up to 60% of their hot water.

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