Coffee with Caleffi™: Time to Turn On the Heat! Pre-season Checks and Maintenance


Time to Turn On the Heat! Pre-Season Checks and Maintenance
Thursday, September 18
1pm EDT
12 noon CDT
11am MDT
10am PDT
9am AKDT
(check local time)


Before you touch that dial, consider these simple checks and adjustments to assure quiet, efficient, dependable heating.  Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr, our Training and Education Manager, talks tips and checks for any fluid filled system including GEO and thermal solar.  He'll help you save time, hassle and fuel dollars with these checks and adjustments:

-  Expansion tank pre-charge:  how do I determine the correct air charge and make adjustments?
-  Should the fluid be checked every season?  Why?  How?
-  Where’s the dirt?  How to service strainers and separators.
-  Do you have manual air vents?  Where to find them?  How to use them?
-  Do you have your circulator on an exercise program?  Keep it fit and healthy with a simple program.

Our educational series, Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online product training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.   The complimentary one-hour training sessions are conducted by Caleffi personnel and guest speakers with most sessions hosted by Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr, our training and education manager.

All Coffee with Caleffi webinars are free, but registration is required.  After registering, you will be immediately forwarded a confirming e-mail containing log-in details for attending the webinar. When training time comes, grab a coffee, tune in and learn more about Caleffi’s innovative products and how they can add value to your work.

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