Coffee with Caleffi™: Part 1: Proper Component Selection for Boilers & Application Fundamentals

Coffee with Caleffi™: Part 1 - Proper Component Selection for Boilers & Application Fundamentals



Part 1: Proper Component Selection for Boilers & Application Fundamentals
Thursday,  Nov. 19
1pm EST
12 noon CST
11am MST
10am PST
9am AKST

You've chosen your system boiler.  Now, how do you decide upon just the right components to ensure the boiler's long-life and optimize the system's overall performance?  How do I design my system to keep it in tip-top shape?  In this webinar, Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Caleffi training and education manager, will discuss key components used in hydronic boiler systems, how they work and their application considerations. You'll learn:

- With so many component and feature choices, how do I decide which are best for my application?
- Pressure, temperature, flow rate – what are the components’ role in their control?
- What problems can arise with under-sizing or over-sizing components?
- What other performance problems can occur? Why?
- Combination devices – what is their attraction? Trade-offs?
- What are practical component maintenance tips?
- What are effective ways to protect high efficiency equipment including boilers and pumps? 
- Where can I find technical info?  Is tech support available?
- Do you have case studies available?

For over 30 years, Hot Rod has installed plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy jobs.   As a regular contributor for Mechanical Business, Mechanical Hub, PHC News and Plumbing Engineer, Bob puts his rubber-to-the-road experiences to pen.  A familiar speaker at our Coffee with Caleffi webinars, Bob is sure to delight with his expertise and quick wit.

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