Weber State University (WSU) Pool


Project (Fall 2011):   Swenson Natatorium at WSU

Place:  Ogden, Utah

Design:  48 Caleffi SolarFlat™ Flat-plate Solar Thermal Collectors, Expansion Tank, iSolar™ Delta T Controller

Purchaser:  (Contractor) Harris-Dudley Company - Salt Lake City, Utah, (Manufacturer's Rep) Intermountain Sales & Marketing


Located in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains just north of Salt Lake City, Weber State University is the State’s fifth largest institution of higher education serving a student population of just over 25,000. In early 2010 the University began a campus wide initiative to identify cost-effective ways to increase efficiency and lower their energy bills. Almost immediately they recognized the student pool at the Swenson Natatorium building as an opportunity for savings and contacted the Harris-Dudley Company (Utah’s most experienced Caleffi Solar installer) for a preliminary solar analysis.
After a lengthy process that included numerous site visits, meetings with state architects, engineers and time spent rummaging through dusty file cabinets to locate the original building plans, a design was approved and installation began in earnest in August 2011. Because of the large surface area of the pool (2000 square ft.) and almost constant use, 48 Caleffi NAS10410 SolarFlat™ solar thermal collectors were required to provide a significant portion of the pools’ heat load. A custom mounting platform was engineered to secure attachment to the roof while providing adequate space underneath the arrays to allow snow to move without building up large and heavy drifts. By October 2011 the system was commissioned and solar energy is now the primary heat source for the pool.

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