Installation and Maintenance EASE with Presscon™ Press Fittings


Introducing the new Presscon™ tailpiece with union nut that makes installation and maintenance of Caleffi components fast, easy and efficient.

The fitting creates the perfect leak-proof seal and is available in 3/4" press x 1" female union nut which fits many Caleffi components with 1" male union (straight) thread.   The tailpiece is compatible within a working temperature range of 0°F - 250°F for up to 50% glycol mixtures and pressure rated to 200 psi.  The fitting meets 2014 low-lead law requirements.


For a full list of functions and features, as well as Caleffi product available with the Presscon fitting, check out these resources:

+ Catalog     ↓ Sales Sheet     ↓ Instruction Sheet


Got five minutes? Watch Bob "Hot Rod" Rohr", our training and education manager, replace a zone valve using the Presscon fitting.


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