Caleffi Introduces The Gold Standard Kit



MILWAUKEE – Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022:  An industry leader in hydronic system protection, Caleffi North America has introduced The Gold Standard Kit.  This single-box solution targets professionals who demand the best protection for the systems they design, install and service.  The Kit combines two product favorites that effectively eliminate three problems:

  1. The DISCAL®, a high-efficiency air separator dedicated to removing the system culprit:  1) excessive oxygen resulting in the formation of corrosion.
  2. The DIRTMAG® PRO, a dirt separator with two magnetic fields and unique collision mesh design that captures troublesome   2) ferrous debris and separates   3) non-ferrous debris such as copper shavings, pipe tape, pipe sealant and solder commonly found in hydronic systems.

Hydronic systems are susceptible to degradation when air, dirt and magnetic separation are not performed well.  A-la-carte choices of separators can leave gaps in the protection of ECM circulators and high efficiency heat exchangers.  Caleffi provides contractors the best solution for of all three protection categories with The Gold Standard Kit.  Product configurations are available for immediate purchase in 1” and 1¼” sweat and press connections.

The Kit also contains special informational and promotional packaging.  Contractors are invited to tag #CaleffiGoldStandard in a photo or video with an included sticker on select social media feeds for a chance to win a limited edition Caleffi Gold Standard Carhartt® cap.

The Gold Standard for healthy hydronic system fluids.  Separation with NO compromise

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