Coffee with Caleffi, Kevin Freidt

Kevin Freidt Headlines October's Coffee with Caleffi™ Webinar


Thursday, Oct. 23 at 12 noon CDT
Standards, Certifications and Agency Approvals:  What you need to know!

Many Caleffi products are certified by different agencies to meet certain standards. This language can be confusing; trying to figure it all out can make your hardhat spin. Kevin Freidt, Caleffi Application Engineering Manager, will explain what the primary certifications are, why they are necessary and what they mean to you as a hydronic or plumbing professional during this month's Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 12 noon CDT.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

- What is IAPMO? What are these shields and what do they mean?
- ASSE 1017, ASSE 1070; I see these on your mixing valves, what are they?
- Some Caleffi Hydro Separators have ASME/CRN, some don’t. Why is that?
- The new Zone Switching Relays have ETL; is that like UL?
- What exactly are ANSI 150 flanges?
- Caleffi solar collectors have “SRCC Category C” rating with a “kBTU/day” number. What does that mean?
- Which Caleffi products meet the “Buy American Act”? Do you have a list of them?
- Low-lead? No lead? Lead-free? What is the difference?
- Does Canada have a low-lead law too?

All Coffee with Caleffi webinars are free, but registration is required.  After registering, you will be immediately forwarded a confirming e-mail containing log-in details for attending the webinar. When training time comes, grab a coffee, tune in and learn more about Caleffi’s innovative products and how they can add value to your work.