Caleffi Excellence Winners

Excellence Winners Enjoy Grand Prize


Two Caleffi Excellence grand prize winners recently visited Caleffi World Headquarters in Fontaneto d'Agogna, Italy and received a personalized tour of our factories and design facilities with a guest of their choice.  The year-long contest is a platform where designers of hydronic or plumbing systems can showcase their work using Caleffi products and will resume January 1, 2016.

A strawbale home designed to meet LEED Gold Certification standards and submitted by Luke Christy of Solar Gain Services, LLC (San Luis Valley, Colo.) was the grand prize entry in the third quarter of the  contest.   A 40-unit community Based Residential Facility radiant floor design submitted by Paul Steiner of Steiner Plumbing and Heating (River Falls, Wisc.) was the grand prize entry in the fourth quarter of the Caleffi Excellence contest.

Congratulations, Excellence winners!

(Photo 1 - Pictured l to r):  Fabio Rossi (Caleffi S.p.A.), Laura Christy, Luke Christy (SGS Renewables), Paul Steiner (Steiner Plumbing and Heating), Michelle Hulett (Caleffi North America), Sheila Steiner and Bob Koch (Midwest Sales)

(Photo 2 - Pictured l to r):  Laura and Luke Christy, Bob Koch, Shelia and Paul Steiner enjoying fine Italian cuisine.