Lessons Learned from System Designers


Over 50 system designers to date have submitted entries to the Caleffi Excellence program. "We are surprised to have received many combi-hydronic heating system designs", says Mark Olson General Manager. "Geothermal is the most common followed by biomass and solar thermal combination systems. Designers it seems are increasingly figuring ways to incorporate renewable energy effectively".


Another intriguing finding has been the popularity of press-to-connect type fittings. Says Olson, "We know press has been growing in usage, but felt the technology had not yet been widely accepted. These jobs opened our eyes a bit, and in fact we re-prioritized development to introduce our own press-to-connect products this year".       

In closing Olson says, "Caleffi has gained valuable insight from what designers have submitted. For that we are grateful and thank everyone participating up until now. We are also pleased for the eight winners to date including Grand Prize Winners Piotr Zelasko and Raimund Rapf who will be travelling to Italy with us with their guests".


(Catch Mark's interview here.)


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