CSI MasterFormat™ 3-Part Specifications


To assist hydronic and plumbing system designers in the creation and customization of specifications for residential or commercial products, Caleffi has released Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Specifications for our hydronic heating components and Caleffi's packaged solar water heating equipment.  Please see below for your selection of MasterFormat™ selection.

Caleffi Hydronic Solutions is committed to the support of creating innovative, superior performance heating and cooling products that help customers live comfortable and economically, while softening their impact on the environment.


Hydronic components include the following product lines:

  • Hydraulic Separation devices
  • Air and dirt separation and venting devices
  • Thermostatic radiator valves and accessories
  • Zone valves
  • Temperature mixing stations, distribution manifolds and accessories
  • Thermostatic mixing valves for hydronic and domestic water systems
  • Automatic filling units and backflow preventers
  • Boiler trim kits
  • Storage tanks

Please make your spec selection from the available MasterFormats as listed below:

CSI Division Master Format Section
Hydronic Heating Piping Specialties MF95 15120
  MF2012 23 05 00
Packaged Solar Water Heating Equipment MF95 13640
  MF2014 23 56 16