The Clock is Ticking! Caleffi Excellence Now through May 31st



Three contestants have already won a trip to Italy... will you be the fourth winner? The year-long Excellence contest - a platform where designers of hydronic or plumbing systems can showcase their Caleffi installation and receive national recognition - is wrapping up the 4th and final quarter of the competition. If you want "in" on a chance to win a trip to Italy, submit your entry by May 31.


The top four contestants, as determined by most audited votes from the public, will win an iPad™ mini. The Grand Prize winner will travel to Italy to see Caleffi World Headquarters and will receive a personalized tour of our factories and design facilities.

Curious about the grand prize designs? Check out these winning entries:

Hydronics Inc geoX Hybrid Comfort System  In Photo 1 Above:  Michelle Hulett (Caleffi), Piotr Zelasko (Able Distributors) and Mike Thresher (Lyall Thresher)
Custom Hydronic Heat and Solar Thermal Domestic  In Photo 2:  Brett MacInness (Shamrock Sales), Raimund Rapf (Evolve Solar) and Dale Cikaluk (Caleffi)
Solar Thermal Comfort in a Strawbale Home  In Photo 3:  Bruce Faul (Shamrock Sales) and Luke Christy (Solar Gain Services)

What are you waiting for? Submit your entry today!

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