Coffee with Caleffi, Magnetic Separation In Commercial Hydronic Systems

Coffee with Caleffi™: Magnetic Separation In Commercial Hydronic Systems


Magnetic Separation In Commercial Hydronic Systems
Thursday, May 21
1pm EDT
12 noon CDT
11am MDT
10am PDT
9am AKDT


In this webinar, Mark Olson, Caleffi GM, takes an in-depth look at iron oxides, a special type of debris that forms to some degree or another in all hydronic systems.  He reviews the various causes of iron oxide formation, the problems that can occur if not addressed and solutions available for ridding and preventing them including a relatively new technology called magnetic dirt separators. You'll learn about:

- How has today's modern, energy efficient HVAC systems become more vulnerable than in the past?
- Iron oxide, ferrous oxide, ferric oxide, magnetite, hematite – different words for the same problem?
- Oxygen scavenging – what does it mean?
- Rare earth neodymium magnets... say what?
- How ugly can sludge get?
- Oxygen diffusion – through what material can it occur?
- What role do chemicals play?
- Do you remember gauss and magnetic flux from science class?  Mark will refresh your memory.

Mark Olson has served as General Manager of Caleffi North America since 2005. He holds an MSE degree in Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan. Mark’s 30 years' of experience includes engineering, sales & marketing management positions with Whirlpool, Pentair & Generac.

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