PRODUCT BULLETIN: New Solar Pump Stations


Caleffi North America is introducing a new 278, 279 Series of Solar Pump Stations. These stations will be available starting in late August 2015 and will be phased in to completely replace the 255, 256 Series by year’s end.

Features and Benefits:

→ Increased balancing/flow meter capacity from 5 GPM to 8 GPM

→ New insulation jacket for better protection and ease of installation

→ Optional top-mount insulation jacket accessory for iSolar™ controllers

→ Garden hose thread fill/purge valves with barb fittings included

→ Interchangeable with current 255, 256 stations (same ¾" female connections, uses same fittings)

These new 278, 279 Series pump stations will be available with or without the pump (the same pump that is currently being used with the 255, 256 Series pump stations).

A new optional insulated housing for mounting the iSolar™ 2 & iSolar™ Plus controllers is available.  The housing attaches to the top of the new pump station and simplifies wiring.  Refer to Code Number 278011.

The 255, 256 stations will continue to be included in the NAS300 Solar Water Heating Kits until inventory is depleted. After that, all shipments will be the new 278, 279 stations with new mounting bracket.

The NA255 Commercial Solar Pump Station is not affected by this bulletin.