Coffee with Caleffi:  Combustion - Theory and Concepts for Hydronic Systems

Coffee with Caleffi™: Combustion - Theory and Concepts for Hydronic Systems


Combustion:  Theory and Concepts for Hydronic Systems
Thursday,  Sept. 17
1pm EDT
12 noon CDT
11am MDT
10am PDT
9am AKDT


Whether a boiler is condensing or non-condensing, firing on oil, natural gas or propane, or if the system is operating on outdoor reset, the overall efficiency is driven by the burner.  In the webinar, Jody Samuell, Manager of Engineer Education, will examine the combustion process and how this effects the operation of the system. You'll learn about:

- What is combustion and what is required for it to occur?
- How does oil combustion differ from gas combustion?
- What is excess air and why do we need it?
- How does excess air effect efficiency?
- Why do I need to line chimneys on boiler replacements?
- Sea level and higher: when is a 100,000 BTU/hr boiler not a 100,000 BTU/hr boiler?
- Is an O2 reading and a CO2 reading interchangeable?

Jody graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy in 1983 with a Marine Engineering Degree and earned a U.S. Coast Guard license. After graduation he accepted a commission with the U.S. Navy and served as a nuclear trained officer on submarines. Jody's teaching career began at the Naval Education and Training Command in Groton, Conn.

Upon completing his service commitment, Jody turned his attention to the HVAC industry. He's invested over 20 years of experience in product management, technical support and training for boiler and tank manufacturers such as Heatmaker, AMTROL and most recently Viessmann. During this time Jody refined his industry knowledge, experience and his passion for teaching. His presentation style will keep you engaged and challenged as he discusses best methods to approach hydronic system design.

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