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Coffee with Caleffi™: Multiple Temperature Regulation in Hydronic Systems



Multiple Temperature Regulation in Hydronic Systems
Thursday,  Jan. 21
1pm EST
12 noon CST
11am MST
10am PST
9am AKST

Multiple water temperatures are often required in today’s modern hydronic systems. We will explore with Jody Samuell, Caleffi Manager of Engineer Education, the various methods and emitter types used in providing multiple water temperatures. You’ll learn:

- The first water temperature - what is actually delivered to the building with primary/ secondary piping?
- Indirect water heaters:  how do you achieve good performance with outdoor reset control?  Additionally, is priority a good option with an indirect water heater?
- How many different water temperatures do I really need?
- What are the methods of providing a second water temperature for:
       Priority staging
       Proportioning mixing valve
       Thermostatic mixing valve
       Motorized mixing valve
       Injection pumping
- What are the effects of secondary water temperature on system performance?

Jody is a marine engineering graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and a U.S. Navy veteran. He brings over 20 years' of experience in product management, technical support and training and has worked for related industry companies.  Now dedicated to training engineers, his industry knowledge, experience and passion for teaching is sure to captivate and technically engage the audience.

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