Solar installations in Lanzhou for the production of domestic hot water

Housing estate

Built in 2011 at Lanzhou, in a remote area of great natural beauty within the inner province of Gansu, this residential complex is a vanguard project for its region particularly in terms of system solutions.

Domestic hot water production has been provided with solar installations boasting a highly modern design.

The solar installations of each building were fitted with Caleffi component parts which either distribute hot water directly to the households or divert it to the gas boilers whenever the solar system fails to bring it up to the right temperature requirements.

We are basically talking about solar-boiler connection kits which enable us to automatically manage and leverage thermal energy from solar accumulator in the most efficient way possible in order to distribute temperature-controlled hot water to the facilities in an optimal manner. These kits act in such a way as to always send hot water to households at a set temperature and only turn the boiler on if the water coming from the solar storage unit is too cold for the purposes at hand.