Backflow Preventer (RPZ type, low lead, ½”)


Testable reduced pressure zone backflow preventer.

DZR low lead brass body.

Max working pressure:  150 psi
Max working temp:  150°F

Compliance with the following codes:  IPC, IRC and UPC for use in accordance with the U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes

Compliance with the following standards:
                   ASSE 1013 - Performance Requirements for Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers
                   CSA B64.6 - Reduced Pressure Princple (RP) Backflow Preventers
                   NSF/ANSI 372 - Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content
                   Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act - California Health and
                      Safety Code 116875
                   S.3874 - Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
                   Vermont Act 193 - The Lead in Plumbing Supplies Law
                   Maryland's Lead Free Law HB.372 

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code description weight
574004A ½” F NPT 5.0
574064A ½” press 5.1
59977 replacement upstream check valve 0.1
59978 replacement discharge valve assembly 0.2
59979 replacement downstream check valve 0.1
NA11604 checks, disch valve 0.7
59980 replacement discharge air gap 0.1
F0001006 test port valve 0.2


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