December 10, 2021

Before you leave, enable the CALEFFI CODE® Holiday setting

Don’t forget to turn down the heating before you leave for the holidays. Yes, certainly, but who will turn it back on before I get back? CALEFFI CODE®, of course. 

We have designed a function that allows you to save during the holidays and we integrated it into CALEFFI CODE®. It is called Holiday and is included in the quick functions.



Some of the quick functions available by default on the app are AUTO, ECO, HOLIDAY, CLEANING, BOOST and OFF. As you can see in the video, the Holiday function is straightforward to enable: with just one click, a calendar pops up and you can set the dates you will be away. On those days, CALEFFI CODE® will keep the temperature constant in your flat and lower than what you would normally set it at. Naturally, you decide how much lower.

Before you return, CALEFFI CODE® will automatically turn on the heating so that you can come back to a warm and cosy home.

In this way, you can consume less, save on bills, reduce CO2 emissions, and have a more relaxed and sustainable mindset. 

Happy holidays!