May 20, 2021

We’re exhibiting at the Install Fest in Kiev

This year, too, we’re a key player in this successful event of the HVAC industry in Kiev, in collaboration with our partner Leon Service Plus. Install Fest 2021.
A live event that has never stopped and will be taking place in absolute safety from 1st to 3rd June.
We are also among the major sponsors of Install Battle, the compelling contest for installers that takes place in the show and gets them involved in challenges, tests and personal skills.

We focus visitor attention on the products selected for the Ukrainian market and present at our booth:

  • Caleffi XS®: The extra small under-boiler dirt separator filter is a brand new product launch: for most wall-mounted boilers, its technical approach is based on three principles: filtration that traps impurities; a magnetic field that separates ferrous particles; a calming chamber for the dirt to settle. Small, stylish and functional.
  • The balancing valves for HVAC enable having a stable flow rate in domestic systems. In particular, the differential pressure regulating valve keeps constant, at the set value, the difference in pressure existing between two points of a hydraulic circuit. Instead, the balancing valve (whether it is shut-off or preset) regulates the thermal medium flow rate supplied to the part of the circuit controlled by the differential pressure regulating valve
  • The pressure reducers for domestic water systems that regulate and stabilize the water pressure at the inlet from the main supply and play a key role in ensuring operation of domestic water distribution systems. The action of the pressure reducers is based on balancing two opposing forces: the thrust of the spring toward the opening of the obturator and the thrust of the diaphragm toward the closing of the obturator. The 5350..H series has the advantage of being presettable, i.e. it can be calibrated before installation.

In the external area, as every year, we are going to be present with a real laboratory on wheels, RedLab, able to attract visitors and act as a true meeting point. This is where we present our largest product range, on working, ready-mounted systems.


1st - 3rd JUNE 2021